Commercial Service Work - At the core of our business is service work for our new and existing commercial clients. We strive
to be the only electrician you will call when you need new equipment hooked up or light fixtures installed. Diagnostics are an
important part of our job and Meyer Electric has the tools and experience needed to find and fix the problem. When it comes
to your business, we know that having equipment down will cost you money so time is always an issue. We will work to find
the problem and get you up and running as soon as possible. That is our promise to you!

Residential Service Work - Whether you are looking to add a couple of outlets or need a new light fixture hung, Meyer Electric
is here for you. Our licensed technicians are able to take care of you no matter what you need done. Each service call is a unique
situation so our staff listens carefully as you explain what you need done. Our electricians will respect your time and schedule as we
work in your home.

Other Areas of Service Work - Meyer Electric also specializes in agricultural and alternative energies.
This includes (but is not limited to) generators, grain bins, silos, wind turbines, and solar panels.